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Variable Message Sign

Variable Message Signs are the devices which are used to display the messages, warning signals or information about specific events to the people commuting on roads. These signs are efficiently used to warn the people of traffic congestion, speed limits, road work zones, accidents and other incidents. VMS is a part of the Parking Guidance and Information System which is used to manage the modern city traffic and parking. In special cases, the Variable Message Sign is used to warn the duration and location of the accidents, inform about the traffic congestions, route modification, limited travel speeds and other important information. VMS Board is known by different names in different regions. Varibale Message Signs also known as Dynamic Message Signs, Matrix Signs, and Electronic Traffic Displays.

The Variable Message Signs can also be used to display the messages and information regarding the special events or conferences asking the daily commuters to stay away from the special route plans dedicated for the event. This helps the city-dwellers to avoid such traffic routes and take an alternate route to reach their destination on time.

The Variable Message Signs are used to display messages and information on a real-time basis with a minimum time lag allowing the commuters to get live feeds and information so that the traffic can be managed properly even during the peak hours. This not only makes the situation better but also answers the questions raised by the alarming increase in the number of vehicles in the city and proper management of the modern-day traffic.

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