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  • Lane control sign: Toll & Tunnel

Lane control sign: Toll & Tunnel

We are focused on the manufacturing of Toll Automation Products & systems all along with its commissioning and extensive protection support. We have our own software development and R&D team dedicated to the development process of Toll Management System software to cater to specific customer requirements.

User Fare Display

The User Fare Display is a module in the Electronic Toll Collection System positioned at the Toll Booth. This 2-line by 13 characters LED type message display it’s optimized for use as a User Fare Indicator or as a division of a lane driver feedback system.  The UFD is also used to display information such as automobile Registration Number, tariff Details, Balance Journeys, and Seasonal Messages etc 2 Lines with 16 Characters in each line.  It used to display the Toll Fare paid for better transparency between road user and the toll operator. It is also used to display the small messages such as Happy Journey, Happy Diwali or Emergency Number etc

Led User Fare Display

Digital Traffic Light

This is a system, in which the Digital Traffic Light actions are described by means of timed colored Petri nets (TCPNs).  A module of vital traffic TCPN model with a signal time plan for a day is successfully constructed. The traffic operations are lined by the control logic of TCPN and an analysis method using place invariant is verified.  From the basic TCPN model, some of the complex traffic signal models will be easily obtained.  Moreover, a real-world manager of the urban traffic light system is implemented by the new methodology. Also, the performance of the overseer of the urban traffic light system can be established by the simulation results.


Overhead Lane Signs

As the name suggests, the lane control signs are mounted on each track on toll plaza so that the motorist can view that lane control sign from a fairly a far distance. The Overhead Lane Sign is a congregation of Red Cross and green arrow to inform motorist whether that particular lane is opened or closed. The overhead lane signs are available in different sizes and designs, available in circular as well as rectangular designs.

Overhead lane Sign

Fog Lights

The Fog Light is located on the bull nose in the position where it is easily visible to the user of the toll road. As we are manufacturers we can design different style of fog lights depending on customer’s request.

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