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Platform Display

LED display on the tracks indicating the destination and origin of the trains

Pollution, temperature changes, rain, snow, sand, dust, vandalism. These are just some of the problems that every railway context presents, and that our track devices must be able to cope with successfully, from the cold of North America to the warm African wind.

The information displayed at the station entrance is shown on the displays installed on the tracks where the means of public transport makes stops and departures. Typically the displays show the destination or origin, and the relative departure or arrival time. In addition to these basic indications it is possible to view service communications.

For each installation context we evaluate the technology to be adopted, which involves different performances in terms of brightness, contrast, angle of visibility etc. Depending on the customer's needs and factors such as reading distance, type of information, we provide LED or LCD-TFT monitors. We often integrate the two technologies to make the most of their different potentials and characteristics.

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