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  • Bus LED destination sign

Bus LED destination sign

Lumen has the most extensive range of different sign sizes of any passenger information sign supplier in the public transport market.

Lumen’s customer-focused approach means that we can quickly develop and supply new sign sizes to suit specific customer requirements.

Lumen’s in-house production and quality assurance is unrivalled in the market and we offer longer warranty terms than all other suppliers as standard for all our LED signs.

Lumen signs are robust, easy to install, use and maintain. All signs benefit from excellent legibility in all environments. All signs are fitted with automatic brightness adjustment which optimises visibility and reduces power consumption.

The sign system is programmed using Lumen’s proprietary, Windows based software which is simple to use and allows messages to be displayed in multiple languages and a wide variety of presentation styles.

The sign system is driven by a dedicated controller which also serves as the driver interface.

Lumen manufactures monochrome, curved, colour route number and full colour signs to cover all customer options.

The standard and most economic range of signs for most urban vehicles.

Key features:

Over 200 front/side/rear sign sizes available in multiple resolutions

Extended warranty offered as standard

All of our displays are ADA/DDA compliant, ensuring all passengers have clear indication of their route vehicle

Low power consumption due to efficient design

Multi-lingual text and fixed, alternating or scrolling displays with graphics capability

Amber is the typical monochrome LED colour, but other options are available – e.g. white, red, green

Wide viewing angle to assist roadside legibility

Improved contrast and legibility achieved through angled protective louvres and use of tinted and diffused LEDs

Lightweight, robust aluminium casing for easy installation

LEDs bin graded for consistent brightness & colour

12V options available for mini buses

Sign controller can be integrated into the back of the sign

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