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  • On-board LED Display

On-board LED Display

LED display readable at any time and in any condition

The Aesys line and destination indicators have an unmatched visual impact. The automatic brightness adjustment with respect to the environmental conditions, the use of high definition characters and 120 ° horizontal visibility angles, make the LED displays readable at night and in any atmospheric condition.

The high reliability of LED displays, with consequent reduction to the minimum of ordinary maintenance costs, is guaranteed by the almost unlimited duration of the LEDs used. The displays can be installed in the front, rear, side and inside of public transport, they are available in monochrome or full-color versions

The experience of over 25 years accumulated with VerbaBUS line and destination indicators is effectively used in the development of applications for trains, trams and metro, often in integration with existing systems. The difference is that the reference product standard in the railway sector (EN50155) provides numerous and restrictive tests for the certification of the final product. Thanks to our Measurement Laboratory we are able to test LED displays internally, satisfying all technical requirements of the standard, accumulating know-how and saving on final costs.

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