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  • On-board Audiovisual System

On-board Audiovisual System

It is important to be able to inform passengers on-board a vehicle of their current position along the route. Providing “This Stop” and “Next Stop” information helps to ensure that passengers know where they are at all times, so that they do not miss their stop and makes their journeys stress-free.

Lumen supplies a number of different units to provide a comprehensive solution for on-board passengers:

Audio Announcement Systems

Interior LED Signs

Multimedia Screens

These units are controlled by a powerful on-board computer, the HTC (Lumen Transport Computer).

As well as helping operators to provide their passengers with accurate location information, these systems also offer the additional benefits of allowing operators to broadcast promotional announcements and advertising on a location-specific basis.

On-board Audiovisual System

These signs are typically used to display the stop names along a route, thus regularly informing the passengers of their current location. These messages can be trigged by GPS co-ordinates and other inputs, such as door status signals or a passenger “Request Stop” button.

Key Features:

Over 30 different sign and case sizes, with both single-sided and double-sided options.

Available of different resolutions.

Extended warranty offered as standard.

Wide viewing angle to optimise legibility from any position inside the vehicle.

Low power consumption due to efficient design.

Lightweight, robust aluminium casing with both side and top installation options.

12V options available for smaller vehicles.

On-board Audiovisual System

Line announcement and destination announcement

Real-time information on the stop and the destination

The line and destination voice announcement is an information system for bus stop users who are waiting to get on board. The electronic system is installed on the vehicle to complete the system consisting of line indicators and VerbaBUS® destination.

When the vehicle reaches the stop, following the opening of the doors, special loudspeakers installed on board the buses communicate an automatic voice announcement to the user. The transmitted message, of the type "bus line 10 with airport destination", can be repeated several times, with definable intervals, for as long as the ascent doors remain open, even in different languages.

The line and destination voice announcement is particularly appreciated by blind and visually impaired people, by the elderly and by tourists, who find their information needs satisfied, feel assisted and encouraged to use the public service. For this reason, the use of a voice announcement system significantly improves the quality of the service offered.

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